Track: 1 Cybercrime properties, features of cybercrime criminals, and recent trends of cybercrime

Adrie Stander
Adrie StanderCyber Security in Civil Aviation
Mohammed AL-Sanea
Mohammed AL-SaneaSecurity Evaluation of Saudi Arabia’s Websites Using Open Source Tools
Anas Albashir
Anas AlbashirDetecting Unknown Vulnerabilities UsingH oneynet

Track: 2 Local and international legislation, laws, agreements, and sanctions pertaining to anti-cybercrime

Muhammad Bakhsh
Muhammad BakhshCyber Crime and Laws: a Comparative Analysis of Pakistan, KSA and UAE
Adrian Haase
Adrian HaaseHarmonizing Substantive Cybercrime Law through European Union Directive 2013/40/EU - From European Legislation to International Model Law?

Track: 3 Collection, handling, and documentation of digital forensics

Shahzaib Tahir
Shahzaib TahirBig Data−An Evolving Concern for Forensic Investigators
Dr. Abdul Rauf Baig
Dr. Abdul Rauf BaigSwarm Intelligence Based Author Identification for Digital Typewritten Text

Track: 4 Investigation techniques and means of cybercrime detection

Taher Ahmed Ghaleb
Taher Ahmed GhalebWebsite Fingerprinting as a Cybercrime Investigation Model: Role and Challenges
Saied M. Abd El- Atty
Saied M. Abd El- AttyForensic Investigation Framework for VoIP Protocol
Ayhan Demiriz
Ayhan DemirizUsing Location Aware Business Rules for Preventing Retail Banking Frauds
Arif Bramantor
Arif BramantorService Enthalpy for Analyzing Cybercrime
Waleed Ejaz
Waleed EjazSecuring Cognitive Radio Enabled Smart Grid Systems against Cyber Attacks

Track: 5 Concepts and challenges pertaining to the anti-cybercrime

Adnan Riaz
Adnan RiazCauses and Consequences of Cybercrimes: An Exploratory Study of Pakistan
Magdi Saeed Bin Salman
Magdi Saeed Bin SalmanFingerprinting Tor Protocol Through Wavelet Packet Decomposition
Mostafa Taha
Mostafa TahaImplementation Attacks on Post-Quantum Cryptograpic Schemes

Track: 6 Techniques of information security and their role in both cybercrime detection and anti-cybercrime

Asma K. Al-Khami
Asma K. Al-KhamiSecure Internet on Google Chrome: Client Side Anti- Tabnabbing Extension
Fehis Saad
Fehis SaadA new Chinese Wall Security Policy Model - Based On the Subject’s Wall and Object’s Wall
Maryam Lafkih
Maryam LafkihApplication of New Alteration Attack on BiometriAc uthentication Systems
Zahoor Jan
Zahoor JanDigital Watermarking using Combination of Ranklets and Wavelets
Feras Aljumah
Feras AljumahProtocols for Secure Multi-Party Private Function Evaluation

Track: 7 Effects as well as physical and moral losses due to cybercrime

Aliyu Salisu Barau
Aliyu Salisu BarauCyber Insecurity as a Manifestation of New Form of Global Urban Vulnerability
Arif Bramantoro
Arif BramantoroSharing Copyrighted Materials by using BitTorrent in Saudi Arabia

Track: 8 Cybercrime and its role in spreading terrorism among people

Nouman Sami
Nouman SamiBuilding adaptive defense against cybercrimes using realtime data mining
Aunsia Khan
Aunsia KhanA Novel Multi-frame Super Resolution Algorithm for Surveillance Camera Image Reconstruction
Sultan Ullah
Sultan UllahPakistan and Cybercrimes: Problems and Preventions
Sajid Anwar
Sajid AnwarClassification of Cyber Attacks based on Rough Set Theory

Track: 9 Demonstration of best practices in securing and safely ensuring electronic transactions

Zakariya Belkha
Zakariya BelkhaDo people intend to purchase using their smartphone apps? The effect of the privacy concern in Malaysian buyers

Track: 12 Efforts made in formal education to augment anti-cybercrime kn

Shaina Raza
Shaina RazaProtecting the content through learning object metadata

Track: 13 Strategies for increased public awareness of the consequences of cybercrime

Ahmed Mansour Mohammed Manasrah
Ahmed Mansour Mohammed ManasrahToward Improving University Students Awareness of Spam Email and Cybercrime: Case Study of Jordan
Saad Naeem Zafar
Saad Naeem ZafarDiscarded Hard Disks – A Treasure Trove for Cybercriminals